Social Media Automation

Social media automation can contribute to a consistent presence on Twitter when used well. However, maintaining a consistent presence on Twitter can be a lot of work, especially for smaller organisations. Flutter’s automated tweets mixed in with authentic tweets will save you a lot of time and ensure your Twitter account is always active.

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Recurring Tweets

Flutter tweets are automatically posted on a continuous and repeating schedule.
For example, every hour, every day at 9am, every week on Monday at 10pm, the 1st of every month, etc.

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Twitter Automation Ideas

Flutter could be used to Tweet the latest post from your favourite blog, Tweet the trending post on an aggregator, Tweet the latest value from a live data source, e.g., stock prices, weather stats, public data, etc, or tweet basically any dynamic element on the web, e.g., a quote of the day, a countdown timer, and much more.

These examples only scrape the surface of what’s possible with Flutter!

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Some applications of Flutter so far...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does Flutter work?
  1. You provide a URL and CSS selector that points to a piece of dynamic content.
  2. You set a schedule and time for your recurring tweet e.g. hourly at 15 mins past the hour, daily at 10:00, etc.
  3. At the time you set in your schedule, Flutter scrapes the content from the page and element you specified in point 1.
  4. Flutter inserts that content into a pre-formatted tweet that you have specified and then tweets it for you.
  5. Flutter repeats this process at the time you set until you deactivate or delete the recurring tweet.
I need examples of recurring tweets?

Flutter is a very generic social media tool. If you don't have a specific idea for a recurring tweet it can be challenging to think of one on the spot. We've got you covered. We're building a showcase of recurring tweets you can set up with one click.

How do I get a CSS Selector?

A CSS selector is some text that lets Flutter know exactly where a piece of data is on a web page. Flutter uses these selectors to extract the text or image from a web page and insert it into a tweet. Follow our walk through tutorial to find out how to get a CSS selector from a particular page.

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